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Find your higher self

Join our guided meditation class Thursdays at 8pm EST

Presented by Blake Guss,
Co-Founder of Online Meditation Events.

Blake is a meditation guide and practitioner of over 10 years. He found his higher self and achieved enlightenment and now helps thousands worldwide to find inner awareness and connect to their higher self.

In this class you will:

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What people say

Excellent program you guys offer. I have never found such a place with caring, nurturing and entertaining instructors combined with such a fantastic method of discarding the negative and useless thoughts. Simply amazing! 10 stars!

- Mark, New York


Within 2-3 sessions using this meditation method, my physical anxiety dissolved, my mood started to elevate, I started to be more focused and productive. It’s been several months since then, and I am so much more comfortable in my own skin, people in my life notice a difference and it has become part of my daily activity.

- Jeff, San Diego