A Person Who Is Infamous For Not Being Able To Sit Still Is Meditating

SooYeon Kim (40 yrs old) Level 1 / Seoul, Korea Written in Jul 17, 2014

About 10 years ago, I experienced this meditation for the first time, but I think my mindset then was different. At that time, due to the stress I had a strong desire to get something out of it. But this time I decided to try to do as the helpers guided, and I came determined to stay seated for a long time. As I like to try this and that, I haven’t experienced steadily doing one thing to achieve a result. I have the type of personality where I get fed up and cannot stay composed when annoyed. Due to this I quit my job easily depending on my mood and would give up quickly. I am very grateful to the people who meditated with me, as well as my helpers.

A big change for me is how I see people. When I looked at people, I used to think ‘this’ is right, and I would habitually judge them. Also, as I was very exact with my conception of time, I didn’t like people who didn’t have any concept of time. But I think that mind is gone. Also, I was infamous for not being able to sit still, but I learned to sit still and keep seated. I think I can do anything constantly and with a sincere heart. I also really like dancing the “Best Health Dance” as it is refreshing and lifts my mood. And the helper is so sweet!

Source: www.meditationusa.org

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