+++ A Talk with the Moon +++

What are the greatest pleasures of human existence?

Knowing that our existence is allowed by the Universe and that our lives are promising. Hope you enjoy this story. 🌛🎶

One day when the full moon was bright, the Universe struck up a conversation with the Moon.

“Are you happy?”

The Moon said, “I could be if people stopped making a wish upon me. It’s torture hearing their insatiable desires. I’m wondering why they cannot be happy, just as they are.”

The Universe kept silent, leaving the following words.

“That’s the question I’d like to direct to you.”

The Moon starts to ponder over this.

After some time passed, the Moon shouted with excitement. “I got it”

The Universe responds. “What is it?”

The Moon replied. “I was the same like people. I couldn’t accept reality as it was and wanted people to change. But it’s me that needs to change. I’m the one who should stop wanting for something different and cope with reality.”

The Universe asked again. “So then, are you happy now?

The Moon had a long face and said. “But still, I’m not happy. Just because I can accept people as they are doesn’t mean they become happy. How can people just live a happy life gratefully?”

The Universe assured. “The answer is within you.”

The Moon invested a good amount of time in figuring it out. Not for the answer, but who is it that assured the Moon with such solid conviction. Who is the one in the Universe that knows everything, has an absolute solution, and makes it happen as its will in the end?

Soon after, the Moon whispered respectfully. “Yes, I got it.”

This time the Universe didn’t respond, but the Moon kept talking to itself.

I now realize you are omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. You are within me, and we are all within you. We’ve never been separate. It is you who governs the whole as the owner. We’ve been in the right place all along.

All we need to do is just carry on our lives without the mind of judgment and just live today as if it’s the first and the last chance.

I apologize for my ignorance about your existence.

I apologize for my arrogance in doubting your ability.

I apologize for the disconnection between you and me.

Upon repentance, only tranquility remains without any doubts, questions, and worries. 💕

Written by : Jung Myoung

+ 10 Years Meditation Practitioner

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