Accomplishing The Study Of 30 Years Of My Mind Within 3 Days

Bokdoeji / 57 yrs old

Level 1 / Namyangju, Korea

Written in Jan 18, 2016

I truly enjoyed the scientific, easy-to-understand explanation of the universe, the pictures, and myself that is a camera.

I started Saturday afternoon, and on Wednesday I came to really experience and understand with my body and mind the true nature of the universe, me, truth, and falseness. As I subtracted my minds at this meditation, the conclusion I reached was that 3 days of studying was equivalent to 30 years of studying my mind. It was deeply moving.

I was mesmerized by the music that accompanied the health exercises that we did every day, 3 times a day during our break times. Thank you for giving me the confidence that once you get the feel for it and just follow the meditation method, anyone can see the original mind of the universe.

For the many of you practicing Zen Meditation, do not waste your time and come to the meditation main center in Nonsan. Here, while doing level one, which takes seven days, even if you meditate 3-5 days, you will be profoundly moved within the depths of your heart. I write these words, which are my impressions, as my thoughts rush out.

What one is unable to achieve even after a lifetime of trying, if one works hard for 4 days, I believe 100% that anyone can confirm one’s true nature.


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