Hajer’s Meditation Story

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

I woke up one day last year, feeling alone, unsupported, and overwhelmed. I had a very busy mind filled with racing thoughts about my kids, my career, my relationships, and my life. After I dropped my kids off at school, I decided to spend my morning reading a book in a cozy coffee shop on Broad Avenue in Palisades Park. At that time I thought staying alone & isolating myself from people will protect me and ultimately make me a happy person. Few minutes later I decided to break my routine and do something new, and meditation was always on mind but I could never do it right, so I typed on Google search: Meditation near me and Palisades Park Meditation popped up! Within few minutes I booked my free introductory session with Maria, and since that day, my whole life has changed.

I was surprised by how such a simple method can make an enormous impact on my life. Day by day and week by week as I went through the levels I started feeling calmer, lighter, less burdened, less stressed, more confident, and way happier than ever before. My sleeping improved and my relationships with family and friends got much better as I started seeing things differently.

The more I committed myself to meditation, the more my awareness expanded and my sensitivity towards people and situations got higher. By sensitivity I mean less mind clutter and more transparency. I realized I was only a slave to my human mind, and that there is much joy and happiness in this world that comes from simply existing as we are. Now that I’ve completed one year and going into my second year practicing meditation, everyone around me noticed my positive mind, my glowing face and my radiant happiness.  

Meditation helped me become more accepting to life challenges and what I thought were “problems.” It gradually helped me to give up my hardest habits like my desire to control/ change people and situations, worrying too much, self-guilt and feeling unsupported, blaming others for my issues, and living my life like I was in a race. The most important thing is to keep consistency in practicing meditation. Consistency yielded positive results as it helped me to improve my physical well-being, enhance my focus/creativity and gain emotional stability. I also started feeling empathy and respect to others. I began to achieve my goals one by one and I excelled in my career. I introduced my kids to meditation too, and since then we have had a very happy and calm atmosphere at home. I’m very grateful to this meditation method and I believe that everyone can do it; to become free of your false mind and begin living in the true world.

source : http://www.woomyung.org/blog/

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