How Are The Drawings From Children Who Have Cleansed Their Minds Different?

“Draw how you felt after doing your meditation.”

This drawing is from a 5 year old child who drew this after subtracting the mind which is the meditation method of discarding mind.

This drawing was done after 5 minutes of meditation, after looking deeply into his lived life, spending 1 minute for each of his years. Like that, after having thrown away his mind and opening his eyes, the world was truly beautiful.

“The whole family and the whole world live within one fence.”

He drew this drawing with that heart. Just looking at it, you can feel the pure heart of a child. This was displayed on May 3rd, 2014 in California at UCLA’s “Ma-Eum Su-Ryun meditation, Happiness, Peace, and Coexistence” exhibition at the 2nd opening of the International Academic Competition (Host: Institution of Human Completion / Sponsor: UCLA Korean Study).

At the Institution of Human Completion, children and teenagers worldwide across 35 countries who did this meditation were asked to draw how they felt. Of those children, about 80 of the drawings chosen and exhibited at the UCLA campus as “Children, Await a Beautiful Future”.

After cleansing their minds, how do children see the world?

After coming back from the 2nd International Academic Competition

Julia Yu, 5 years old, Philadelphia, USA
Jin Hye Park

“Before doing this meditation, there were many reasons for stress. But after meditating, I don’t have those stressors anymore, so I am very happy. Everybody is happy together. Hahaha!”

Combined drawing from 5 children working together in Seoul, Korea

(Seunghye Park, Soonbok Suh, Seungji Park, Junghwa Lee, Hyunjin Park)

“Everybody lives in peace and harmony. We coexist together.”

The messages to the entire human race for happiness, peace, and coexistence from teenagers all over the world. Since the day before the opening ceremony for the International Academic Competition, their drawings were displayed outside at the UCLA campus, drawing a lot of people’s interests.

People continuously visited the exhibition with comments such as “already healed by the drawings from these children”. Actually, drawings are the only way for everyone to communicate in the whole world.

Argentina’s combined drawing from 4 children

(Jungsuk Oh, Jinhwa Lee, Taejung Kwon, Moonjung Choi)

“If we hold hands together, we will be happy.”

Heather Nguyen, Singapore

“Changing from a dark mind to a bright mind! I hope everyone is happy like this.”

Ji Min Hong, 13 years old

“This big elephant represents the universe. If you subtract the mind, then you will know that is oneness. The universe is in both the biggest and the smallest.”

Smile, Happy, Peace… the child wished to convey this and wrote it in small writings inside the drawing.

Children who have cleansed their minds see the world, the future, like this, beautiful and happy. We dream the world to become just like how these children wish: everyone to be happy, everyone to hold hands and laugh.

“Since wars begin in the minds of man, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed” – UNESCO Constitution

P.S 1. There is an Art Therapy Professor who wrote a thesis based on the before and after meditation drawings. The children who did meditation, how do you think their drawings changed? This story continues next.



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