Human Life III

From Teacher Woo Myung's book: The Enlightened World (pp. 90-91).

There is nothing to be had in it; there is nothing one can leave with.

Hear me when I say that you have gained nothing from your fleeting life and that there is nothing to gain.

Whether it is to gain or to have gained, are all things that you have created.

That you have created them means they are your greed.

So cast aside your greed - your mind of want.

Do not sigh at passing pain.

Do not be sad about passing solitude.

Do not dwell on passing happiness.

Do not discern the passing rights and wrongs.

Be neither boastful nor sad about fleeting youth and old age.

Life is a process that you undergo in the world.

Your life never existed.

So do not judge or blame the world.

To do so is like crying and laughing while watching a movie, whereby once you step outside the movie theater, you are yourself.

The world that is absent of your self is Truth.

Therefore, come out into this Truth, for it is the only possible way to live; for it is the only true Way there is.

Everything in this world is of a mere moment.

They are all things that pass in a blink of an eye - things that, as time passes, are meaningless.

Your unchanging self must exist outside of you.

This alone will save you.

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