Looking Back On Myself Through Meditation Method, A Clue To Relieving Stress - 1

Stress, how do you relieve it?

People have many ways of relieving stress.

Gossiping, sleeping,

Listening to music, eating tasty food.

But as time passes or similar situations arise,

Once again, we have stress. Did you know that the repetition of stress in daily life builds up and lea to emotional disorders?

These days we find emotional disorders not only in middle aged women

but also in middle aged men who have stress due to reasons such as

Financial crisis and work related anxiety.

We also find it in young adults who are preparing for employment,

and even teenagers are showing emotional disorders.

Then how can I effectively cope with stress and relieve my stress?

To answer this question, there is a research thesis focusing on “mind discarding meditation”.

Published by the Korean Stress Society in the journal <Research on Stress>

“Emotional disorders and stress related symptoms: the impact of mind discarding meditation on coping strategies”.

Changing my mind

In the research publication, they looked at preferences for the different treatment options for patients with emotional disorders.

“Changing my mind in order to resolve conflict with others” was the most popular preference.

To effectively deal with emotional stress caused by repeated accumulation in an individual’s life,

“Changing my mindset” was recognized as the most important conclusion.

The research team focused on mind discarding meditation method to bring about this change in mind.

And they looked to see if through this meditation method emotional disorders and daily stress were prevented and treated.

Within 1 week, decrease anger and stress through mind discarding meditation

The results of the research showed that mind discarding meditation method had positive effects on anger and stress.

If you look more carefully at the study, you will see the following.

Anger, stress levels decrease.