Plainview Meidtation Spring 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

New Challenges and New Opportunities

In early March we realized that

wearing masks and sterilizing the center every night was not enough to protect our staff and members from the spread of the covid pandemic. So ten days before the state imposed lockdown on non-essential businesses we decided to close the center and switch to online meditation until it was safe to gather again.

It was challenge at first setting up everyone for this new way of meditating and not being sure if it would be as effective as in person meditation. As it turned out it has been effective and not only have we been able to keep our members meditation on track but have had the opportunity of reaching many more people.

Along with providing personalized meditation for our members during our normal hours we teamed up with the other New York and New Jersey centers to provide free online events to the public to help people through these hard times. These events have been very well received and attended. We have had people attending from every continent in the world, this has been very encouraging for widening our range to share our meditation.

Joining Together to Bring Meditation to a Larger Audience

Through the power of the internet we are no longer limited by our physical place in the Universe so we joined with the other New York and New Jersey centers to create free events that are open to the public. These are trying times for many people. There are so many concerns on people's minds: health, loved ones that are sick, loss of income and worry about the future. This is a time that people really need the benefits and enlightenment of meditation. We put together teams (copy, design, marketing and more) with the other centers to create and present these events. It was a huge undertaking but everyone enthusiastically did their part and we were able to produce 8 free to the public events that are presented live 13 times a week. They have been much appreciated by the attendees.

No Interruption to Our Meditation Journey

While working on all the public events we have been continuing our one on one guided meditation with our normal hours. It has been a lot of work for our helpers so feel free to offer your help to them if possible. In addition to our daily one on one meditation we also have a daily meditation with the other New York New Jersey centers for our habits class members. We have been getting very positive feedback from all our members on how well the online meditation is working for them. Even so we will all be happy when we can gather together again.


What They’re Saying

Neal Clark on "Thank You Heros Meditation"

I have been attending the Essential Workers online meditation sessions offered by New York/New Jersey Meditation. I have been really surprised how helpful they have been. The meditation was so relaxing and the person guiding it was so calming that stress just melted away. Much more importantly though the techniques taught in this meditation were something that you could continue to use in daily life. I work in a hospital lab in New York city and at the peak of the epidemic it was very stressful. The samples to be tested were coming faster than I could handle them and on top of that there was the worry about possibly catching the virus. Normally I would have been freaking out but by using the techniques I learned in the meditation session I was able to stay relatively calm and therefore perform my work much more effectively. I would highly recommend this meditation to not just essential workers but everyone. The techniques that I found so helpful can really help anyone dealing with any stressful situation, and lets face it these days there is no shortage of stress.


Emese has done all her meditation online

When I came to Plainview meditation I was just looking for a group that I can meditate with and be a part of. But it turns out that this is so much more then that. Youn explained to me how we live in our false mind and how we can free ourselves through this method. I was so thrilled to find that I can get rid of my past conditioned mind and be free and truly happy. I have ways to go still but I already feel the difference of how I perceive things in my life. Youn is so sweet , none judgmental and caring. I feel like I can be 100% me with her. I’m very excited about this journey and to be a part of this group of beautiful souls.

June Mosca Sheehan on

The Words of Wisdom Event

I so enjoy hearing others read from texts and poems that inspire them from countries and times different than my own. It is not often that I have the opportunity to listen to others and share my thoughts with so many like minded people. It continues to be a great learning and mind expanding experience for me.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams Requested a Veterans Day Meditation at Coney Island

Lets give a big cheer to all our students that passed Level I this Quarter.

Justin, Priscilla, Amanda and Emese

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