Releasing Exercises

“Releasing Exercises” help to release the energy that gets stuck in certain parts of the body due to lack of movement. Many people have pain because of the lack of energy flowing throughout the body. This is due to the habits one has in their mind (lack of motivation, overthinking, laziness, etc.). If you do this together with the guided meditation, it will help you to meditate more easily and release more thoughts/habits that are stuck in all of the body cells.

Example: While doing releasing exercises, it really gives you a workout, even though the movements look easy. Muscles that you haven’t been using regularly get sore. As you do these exercises, you increase the blood energy flow and become healthier. Then it will be easier to get rid of all the thoughts that come up. People who have a lot of health problems and pain have a harder time doing this meditation. This is because their minds get stuck on the pain and they have a harder time breaking free from it and throw it away. They get stuck trying to throw away from within their own perspective. Doing these exercises will help you throw away from the perspective of the whole”.

Jina Kim, MD

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