Review of Author Woo Myung Book – Truth Appeared

Review of Author Woo Myung Book – Truth Appeared – After reading teacher Woo Myung’s “Where You Become Truth is the Place of Truth”

Adya  Kaur / Homemaker

I am a housewife and a mother with two children. I was born in India and since childhood I believed and followed Hinduism under the influence of my parents. Hinduism, as you may know, is a polytheistic system. Even in the same Hindu religion, the gods that people believe in vary from region to region, and the doctrines also vary slightly.

I had always lived with a longing heart for the Nirvana, the liberated life of Moksha, as taught in Hinduism. I was 17 when I came to the United States and, as I became more interested about my study of Hinduism, I was getting immersed at the same time with the material life here. I became inclined to possess more than what I really needed, the material things that humans pursue. As I became greedy, I found myself feeling constantly tired and exhausted.

After getting married and having children, I began to pursue once again the truth that I had longed for and a life of liberation. One day, while on Amazon, I came across this book by the teacher Woo Myung, “Where You Become True is the Place of Truth.” As the title suggests, I always dreamed of becoming truth, so I read this book, looking forward to returning to my original self. This book was really filled with what I wanted and the truth that I was seeking.

If I have true truth, God, and Buddha in me, the life I live is the life of Heaven and the life of Paradise. There is also a passage that says that living life now is a world of fake virtual images, which is maya, and that it is a dream of a moment that will disappear like a bubble someday.

I fell in love with the Hindu doctrine I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid, and this book is easy for everyone, regardless of religion or non-religion, to understand the truth easily. It also details how God will be brought into me. I was really glad to be the first to come to America and quench my thirst for truth. The content of the book was so interesting and fun that I read it from the beginning to end in just one day. Now I am reading it for the third time. The more I read it, the more my mind seems to be filled with truth, just as the title implies.

I really want to meet the teacher Woo Myung who wrote this book. It’s amazing how this person could have written this difficult truth in such an enjoyable and simple way. If you read the contents, it seems that this teacher Woo Myung was really liberated and broke free from the world of maya.

I really want to recommend this book to those who like and love Hinduism like me, and to Christians and Catholics alike. To those who love and follow the truth, this seems like a book that was written from the heart. I really want to recommend it to all my friends and family.

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