[Testimonial] Shelley's Healing Experience

Written by Shelley E.

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I recently had an experience that really highlights the power and healing of this method. I asked my spouse where something was and got a snotty answer. I closed the door and walked away, but overheard my wife say something very nasty under her breath, something never said before, something that would be a deal breaker for me in the past.

I got very mad, maybe the maddest I have ever been in this relationship. She came upstairs as I was leaving the house and attempted to engage in verbal conflict, but I calmly said, “I am leaving the house. I do not want to fight. I am very very mad, just leave me be”.

I left to run the errand I had been setting out on. While in the car my mind started generating all kinds of responses and negative thoughts, and at the same time, I realized that I was calm and collected. I was no longer feeling angry but my mind, out of habit, was attempting to stay angry.

It was a powerful moment to realize that my thoughts and feelings were not in alignment and that I wanted to be angry and fight, but I really wasn’t anymore. I went home and very little was said about this experience. We both simply apologized and moved on.

This truly could have been something that lasted for weeks or longer in the past, but in the passing of one hour, it was gone. Our ability to communicate appropriately has grown over the years we have been meditating, and I believe we were destined for divorce without this method.

This “double mind” that I realized I have, one that wants to be nasty or hard, and the compassionate one, became realized another time recently as well:

I did not have a good relationship with my mother-in-law, in fact, I would often choose not to be around her at all so as not to get triggered. She passed away just one year ago and when she died, I actually offered to write and present the eulogy. I did so with warmth and compassion.

My question is, “Who am I” that I could do that? Come meditate and find out who you are!

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