The Benefit Of Meditation - Cure for Depression

Depression is probably the most common illness that people have today. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 350 million people are suffering from depression but surprisingly, less than 10% receive the treatments for depression. [Source: WHO] They are too common to be considered as a mental disorder. Due to stress from the life (from work to socializing with people), the modern lifestyle that is to prefer being private rather than being associated in a group and maturation in terms of materials, people tend to get trapped into their own “self”, rather than to open up to public.

Moreover, this phenomenon is becoming more obvious and serious that it is often regarded as a social problem. It can be pointed out that humans continue to accumulate “the false mind”, a.k.a. the false pictures, into their mind, and this deteriorates their symptoms.

For instance, Rebecca (*anonymous with a random name) who had a bad family background (say, her parents were aggressive and always had fights) took pictures of what she saw, i.e. her fighting parents, and stored them in her mind. She then grew her hatred about them and feelings of fear and depression. She would be highly likely to have a lot of fear, anger and depression. If she had been living in such environment for her childhood and adolescence, her mind would have been full of such aggressive pictures that she could not endure by now, i.e. eventually ending up having depression.

But fortunately (being the lucky 10%), she had chance to receive medical treatments. She might be relieved from depression to some extent. However, it cannot be cured permanently as she kept holding those pictures in her mind. She’d be dependent on the pills later on as she couldn’t endure the symptoms otherwise.

This meditation is an easy meditation technique even for a complete beginner. You can easily throw away the false mind with this meditation method. So, if Rebecca would have come to this meditation and learned what the human mind and the true mind are and how to meditate with the subtraction method, she could throw away those hurtful memories of her youth, one by one. Because they are of the false nature, they would definitely disappear.

Then, she would finally be free from the pictures, i.e. becoming free from depression, which were caused from the pictures accumulated in her mind. This meditation can be the ultimate solution for curing depression on a permanent basis, because it guides you to cleanse your mind.


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