The Living Eternal World

The stories of the True Mind that Teacher Woo Myung delivers <World Beyond World II>: The guide to the world of Truth, the eternally existing True Mind.

What would be the way for the finite world, which will someday disappear, to eternally never disappear? Although everything in this world disappears, there is the True Mind that exists forever. If humans also become the True Mind of Truth, would they be able to live forever? Life, enlightenment, wisdom, nature’s flow, the universe, Truth. This is a guide for those who want a true life.

Published May, 2004 Korean Edition Publication | Cham Publishing Co., Ltd.

Typeset Modified New Edition / 320 pages

Translated English

Introduction to the Book

Using uncomplicated sentences and pithy language, the author explains the principles of the universe, which people have only vaguely and conceptually understood.

Since the author enlightened and reached the perfect place of Truth of his own accord, he can write clearly without making any assumptions or hesitations.

“Just as you dreamed the dream last night, once you open your eyes and see it is not real, the self-centered life that one lives for oneself is also a dream. If one’s mind becomes the World’s mind, one will know the ways of the world, become the eternally living existence of Truth, and can live the true life.”

About Truth, about the world and the universe, and about man:

The author conveys the true meaning of the many stories of Truth that have been vaguely regarded until now. In addition, with his heartfelt hope for anyone to easily learn about the stories of Truth and recover man’s original nature, the author directly recited the entire contents of the book and produced six CDs.

Publisher’s Review

Everything in the world that is visible changes and disappears over time.

If that is so, where is Truth? The thing that is absolute and complete and that does not change or disappear no matter how many years pass or change. What is it that lives eternally and where is it?

Published in 2004 as the sequel to World Beyond World, which has been a big hit for readers since its publication in 2003, this book that is more specific and detailed leads us to the world of Truth and the True Mind. While the previous work gave the method for the consciousness of man to become Truth and live in a world of peace beyond feuding and conflicts, this book discusses the reality of the eternal Truth.

The forever living world is a perfect world that refers to the world of Truth.

It is this eternal and immortal existence that existed before even the beginning of the world and will exist after the world. It is the highest, widest, largest. It is the immense universe before the universe, the infinite and pure emptiness. All things were created from this and will return here. Even though the cycle of creation and destruction has repeated millions of times, this infinite emptiness remains unchanged. This is Truth. In other words, when a person becomes Truth, the visible body disappears, but the original consciousness is eternal without life and death.

However, humans cannot live as the universe mind because they are trapped in the false world of their own illusions. Therefore, anyone can go to this True kingdom if he throws away all of the human mind. This world is a world where there is no human mind, no trouble, one thought and action, and this is human completion, the truth, and the way of true life.



Part 1: True Mind

Let Us Become Complete / Mind of Man / True Mind / True Faith / One Must Be Born in Eternal Heaven While One Is Alive So That He May Continue to Live There After He Dies / The Advent of Christ and Resurrection / Eternal Heaven / Reaching the Finish Line in One’s Pursuit of Truth / The True Meaning of Omniscience and Omnipotence / World of Truth

Part 2: Faith

Faith / Man Lives / The Minds of All Creations Reside in Their Images; Their Minds Are What Move Them / It Will Take Time / Come Dear Child / The Source / Original Mind / It Has Taken Me Eight Years to Get People to Reach Human Completion – to Get Them to Find the True Self and to Become It / One Must Have No Kleshas in Order to Be Complete / Truth Is Not Something One Must Know but Something One Must Become / The Savior That Meets All Your Expectations Will Never Come

Part 3: The Time for Completion Has Come

This Universe Exists As It Is, but Man Judges It Because He Has Never Been It and Because He Sees It from His Own Point of View / What Would the Messiah, Maitreya, and Jung-Dō-Ryung (正道令) Do Once They Arrive? / Mankind’s Salvation / The Meaning of Faith / God’s Image and God’s Work / Practicing What You Preach / The Time for Completion Has Come / The True Meaning of Parinirvana, Apradisthita-Nirvana, and Maha-Nirvana / The Padma Garbha Loka Dhatu, the Tathagata-Garbha World, and the Real World / The Universe Is the Great, Living Soul and Spirit / The Names ‘Truth’, ‘Haneol-Nim’, ‘God’, ‘Buddha’, and ‘Allah’ All Speak of the One Being Who Is the Living Existence / One Must Go Where There Is Truth in Order to Reach Truth / You Will Never Be Able to Find Truth If You Search for It in Your Own Conceptions / Only the Creator Can Save You / Samsāra / In Me Exists the Temple of God and the Sanctum of Buddha / Eternal Life and Heaven Are in You / Man Knows Nothing / You Will Never Be Rid of Your Kleshas Unless You Have Received God’s Seal on Your Forehead / Those Who Meditate Are Ones Who Do Not Pray in Want of Things / God Is God to the Living / The Living Know Both the Living and the Dead While the Dead Do Not Know the Living / New Beginning / The End of Days / You Cannot Know Truth If You Have Never Become It

Part 4: What Is True Love?

To Have Completely Died / One’s Past and Future Lives Are All Illusions If One Is a Delusional Person / In Your Delusions, Both Heaven and Hell Are Illusions, but in the Real Land Heaven Is Real / Through This Meditation, Anyone Can Cleanse His Unclean Mind, Which Is His Sin, and Thus Gain Great Freedom So That He May Become Truth and Live a Life of Freedom / Dreams and Reality Are Two Different Things for a Person Who Has Woken Up While He Is Still Alive, and So Though the Delusional World Is like a Dream and Far from Reality, They Are the Same to a Person Who Is Alive / Try As They May, the Dead Cannot Hear the Words of a Person Whose Consciousness Is Alive / The Reason You Cannot Understand the Bible or the Sutras /It Is Neither the Fault of a Nation Nor That of Others but a Fault of One’s Own / Sagara-Mudra-Samadhi / True Love / The Mind of God Is a Constant Mind / A Still and Constant Mind / The Oneness of Heaven and Hell and Their Differences / Man’s Mind Is Full of Self-Centered Attachments, Which Is Why His Mind Is His Karma, Habit, and Sin / A Sinner Cannot Go to Heaven / Kleshas Are the Maya of Delusions / Falseness, Then Truth / A Person Who Is Born in Heaven Lives a Heavenly Life / The Mad Are Ignorant of Their Madness / The True Meaning of Receiving Samadhi and Thus Receiving the Third Eye / You Should Not Pursue Truth in Order to Gain / The Average Person Has No Truth Within / Repentance and Cleansing of the Mind Are One / The Reason You Must Cleanse Your Mind / A Person Who Is Non-Accepting and Says He Is the Only One That Is Right Is a Person of Low Caliber / Unless People Have Faith in Truth, Not a Single One of Them Will Go to Heaven / The Time Has Come for the Whole of Mankind to Be Born as One and Live / Everyone Must Repent / The Greatest Thing in the World and the Most Courageous Person in the World / He Who Has Yet to See and Become the Shin Cannot Be Reborn / Great Wisdom

Part 5: The Mind of God

Eternal Life / Heaven / Human Completion / Thought-Mass, Begone / Truth / Jung and Shin / The Creator and Creation / Nature’s Flow / Rebirth / Life / Where You Go Once Your Body Dies / Man Must Reach Completion / The Mind of God / All of You Must See and Become God in Order to Live / Man in the Eyes of Truth / The True Meaning of Jesus’ Words, “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; No One Comes to the Father Except Through Me” / Light I / Light II / Let Us Know All by Reaching Completion / The Creator and the Creator’s Land – the Existent Land – That Are Inside Your Mind Is Where Eternal Heaven Is / You Must Love Your Enemies in Order to Be Truth / Completely Abandoning Oneself, Who Is the Sinner, Is Repentance of One’s Sins / The Meaning of Humility / The Blessings Man Seeks

Part 6: The Path to Truth

The Origin of the Infinite Universe Is the Energy and Light Which Are Truth, and It Is This Energy and Light That You Must Be Reborn as in Order to Live / Completion Is the State in Which One Has the Land of Truth Inside Oneself, but This Completion Cannot Be Found Within the Commandments / Sin / Savior / You Must Serve Jesus / The Word Became Flesh / Remain in Truth, Remain in Me / To Live As It Is and to Simply Be / Power Is a Thing That Only a Person Who Simply Lives as Truth May Accumulate / The Path to Truth / The Mind / A Realization Only for the Devoted / Trueness / The Foolishness of Man / The Creator / You Must Meditate Until You Have Been Thoroughly Eliminated, for Only Then Can You Become One with God and Become Complete / Without the Clouds, Only Heaven Remains / The Ferryman Stands Alone in His Empty Boat / America / The Saints Had Their Antennas Directed Towards Heaven / Living on the Word of God / The True Meaning of Faith / Sudden Enlightenment / Truly Rich Are Those Who Are Rich in Spirit / Enlightenment Is the Word of the Creator / The Creator’s Love Is Acceptance / Man Does Not Know That Truth Has Arrived, but Those Who Are Truth Do / A Savior Is One Who Allows for All to Become Truth / Everything Is Entirely My Fault

Excerpts from the Book

It is when man frees himself from his self-imposed shackles and steps out of his grave that he will know the logic of the Universe.

The reason man knows nothing is because he has sins and karma and thus does not have Truth.

The things man knows are those which are of his own human mind – a mind that has a sense of self and is full of attachments. Unless mankind’s body and mind are transmuted into the eternal and never-dying Body and Mind of the Creator, which are the Energy and Light, respectively, none will live.

– p99 ‘One Must Have No Kleshas In Order to Be Complete’ –

Truth is the whole of this world and so unless one’s mind becomes the whole of this world, one will never be able to know Truth.

One is only able to live and speak depending on the level of one’s consciousness.

Furthermore, one is able to become enlightened when one’s consciousness has expanded to become as large as the world, for one can be enlightened only in proportion to how large one’s consciousness has become.

The meditation of one;s mind is the meditation of the ‘Jung (Body)’ and ‘Shin (Mind)’, and those who are unable to meditate end up remaining in that state and talking about nothing more than their own delusions.

Unless their minds become the whole of the infinite Universe, they will never know Truth.

Truth is existent, not non-existent.

Truth is the original foundation, and this original foundation does not exist.

But amidst its non-existence, there is the Spirit.

This ‘non-existence’ pertains only to those whose consciousnesses dwell within themselves.

Those who have returned to Truth – the Infinity that is the most high, most low, most large, and most wide – will be able to see God, who is the one and only.

Because Truth exists, the whole of creation is the representation of Truth as well as Truth itself.

And only those who have become Truth are able to know Truth.

– p170 ‘You Cannot Know Truth If You Have Never Become It’ –

When people admit their wrongs and discard both their falseness and their minds, they will become Truth.

It is only then that their deeds would be those of Truth; only when they have become Truth would they have wisdom and would thus not be so frivolously greedy.

People would live for each other and so there would be no stealing or robbery.

Everyone would live as one and so mankind would live following Nature’s flow – or in other words, mankind would live due to the great, true love.

Everyone would be born as Truth and so life and death would be one.

This earth would forever be Heaven.

Therefore, how could there be anyone in Heaven who does not follow the will of Truth?

– p220 ‘The Time Has Come For The Whole Of Mankind To Be Born As One And Live’ –

The greatest thing in this world is the act of acceptance.

The most courageous person in this world is one who is able to say he is sorry.

Only a person who is of the highest caliber is able to do this.

Only the living are able to do this.

– p229 ‘The Greatest Thing In The World And The Most Courageous Person In The World’ –


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