Teacher Woo Myung's Book Review : The Living Eternal World Explains That the True World is Within Me

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Patricia Murphy

I always enjoy reading books about meditation, so when I happened to read a review of Woo Myung’s The Living Eternal World on Amazon, I ordered a copy. When the book arrived and I began reading it, I was immediately sucked in and finished the book in about two hours.

This book mainly consists of two parts: half of the book is questions and answers about the True World and half is poetry by Woo Myung centered on his enlightenment. The content is quite unique and will interest those who are seeking Truth. Woo Myung easily explains the complex questions of where God and Heaven is and what the true meaning of salvation is as well as how to truly repent for our sins.

After reading this book, I really wanted to meet and know the author. I could tell just form reading this book that he is a truly enlightened man. We often say that writing is an expression of one’s mind. The book was so touching, and there are so many great chapters, one will want to re-read sections often. I feel like the more I read this book, the more it gives me clear answers to questions I used to wonder about. One subject in particular: I’ve always heard that “God is within you and the kingdom of God is within you,” in the Bible or though priests. Woo Myung actually explains very directly and clearly about these topics in his book.

He writes in a very detailed and easily explained manner: As we live our lives, the material world will eventually disappear so everyone will long for the non-material, true world when we die. By simply reading this book, one can find the answers to that ultimate question clearly. There are not many books that I really recommend, but I want to recommend this book to everyone. I already gave one to my husband, and I will reorder a few more to give as presents to my close friends. This is such a good book. I hope you can read it at least once in your lifetime.

source : meditationusa.org

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