Today Is Better Than Yesterday, Tomorrow Is Better Than Today

Heedae Kang / Director of the Daegu Vision Hair Academy

I worked hard to be the best, but I had to watch people leave one by one

“You always look excited. Where does that energy come from?” This is what I hear a lot these days. However, not long ago, I was far from living like that. As soon as I graduated from high school, I started working in the beauty industry. I wanted to be the best in the industry, and I worked hard. In my early 30s, I opened several hair salons and became the head of a hair academy, while teaching college classes.

But from then on there was a problem. I started falling into having too much pride, and people left my side one by one, saying, “I have changed.” The only thing I had left in the business was debt. I was also diagnosed by a doctor who suggested that I stop using my right arm. I was living with burden all the time, but the only result that came from it was the lack of desire to continue with my life’s work. I didn’t want to live anymore! It was then that I started meditation.

I realized that the business I started with passion had turned into one of obsession and greed. When I was an amateur, I did everything well for people. But as my skills improved and the number of people looking for me increased, I became more arrogant. I didn’t know how to thank people. I no longer loved my work. I didn’t treat the people nicely around me. The pride of being the best hit a ceiling. Day by day, I lost the fun I once had. I wasn’t excited about it anymore.

After I abandoned my pride, I was able to recover the “true me.”

I abandoned the days I had lived like that and repented a lot. Then the “true me” was revealed. It was covered by greed, pride, and a desire to achieve at all costs. Since practicing meditation, I have changed into a person who knows how to be humble in front of people. I learned how to be grateful all the time. My original human nature returned to me and I realized that not only did I have it but all of us have it inside. I realized how to live.

I started again, and I am living my best day every day. I am now thankful for everything. I now have my wife and children by my side and I have a home where I can relax. I have a job which I enjoy and enough money to pay my bills. When I originally felt conceited, I thought I was doing well in my work and with the people around me. But that was not true! Now, the relationships have changed, and I enjoy working with the people around me and they enjoy working with me. The world has allowed me to change. Now I am grateful even if my body hurts or if things don’t work out all the time.

When I was 19, I was grateful on the day I went to the beauty salon for the first time. I had a passion for the work at the time and I was grateful for having it. My heart felt at ease. I felt that the best job was in the beauty industry and I loved it.

The happiness that I had forgotten, and gratitude for finding it

After having practiced meditation work is fun again! The meditation practice seems to be much more advanced than it was a few months ago. Now I think I have to live as part of “nature’s flow.” I am so excited to see people who have been meditating around me and their enthusiasm coming back to life again. Now, I am back in training those who seek professional beauty education and the re-education of beauty artists. They are giving me energy again.

I love being in the position of an instructor who can instill hope and confidence in my students. A hairdresser is a good job that makes people beautiful while making money, and one can teach and help other hairdressers to do better. It’s the best job! How can I not be grateful for the work I almost missed, the work that makes me the happiest?

In the past, I tried hard to teach. But these days, I know it’s more important to help others to do well. When I only wanted to stand out, people also thought of me as an instructor who wanted money. Now, since I want to help them, they also follow with their hearts.

My wife said, “You are like a reborn person!”

“Before, you would come home droopy every day. You’ve changed a lot.” Even after giving lectures all day, I am full of energy. I feel like a person born again. When I’m home, I have a smile on my face. My wife says that the change in me is wonderful. However, there are so many things that my wife is sorry for. I met my wife at a beauty salon. My wife said she fell in love with my passion for beauty. However, there are many things I haven’t done for my wife during our marriage and she really deserves better for all of her work at home.

Because I was so obsessed with beauty, even with my wife, that I had carried things too far. When things weren’t going well, I also angered my wife. Nevertheless, my wife waited for me to change. Not long ago, I brought my wife a birthday present. I didn’t celebrate my birthday once on the pretense of being busy, but I was still sorry to see my wife still distressed. I started to help with the kitchen work I hadn’t done before. I am happy that my wife likes it. When I try to please a loved one, I seem to be excited about myself.

A year ago, I started my beauty service. About once a month, I would go to a daycare center or a welfare facility for the elderly and cut their hair. I enjoy seeing them all smile with their pretty hair tied. It is incredible!

Now, after mediation, I look back at myself for the day. Whether I did my best in teaching, how I treated people and how I should improve on treating people. I check each day to empty my negative thoughts before I arrive home at the end of the day. When I check every day like this, I feel that I have developed myself to have a better day than yesterday.


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