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There is an Increase in the Number of People Who Want to Relieve Their Overloaded Body and Mind in a Complicated World

Joo-Gon-Cho-Sun, an attorney in South Korea

“Before, when defendants would insist on nonsensical claims during trials I used to get angry, even though outwardly I would seem calm. But after Ma-eum Su-ryun, I no longer felt such anger during trials. I was able to see from the perspective of defendants and hear from their points of view. But it didn’t necessarily mean I agreed with their claims. Also when both sides were strongly insistent, it became easier to see who was right.”

Chongchoon Byun, a 49 year-old chief prosecuting attorney in Seoul District Court, said that Ma-eum Su-ryun was very helpful in the process of trials. He is continuing Ma-eum Su-ryun at Seoul Shindorim center ever since he started it in September of 2000. “Family relationships have much improved. My friends said to me that my facial expression was bright and that I looked so much younger. I also noticed the same when I looked at myself.”

Youngtae Min, a 33 year-old computer programmer, who started Ma-eum Su-ryun in 1997 said, “Before, I would think about programming at night, so I couldn’t sleep deeply and was always exhausted. But after Ma-eum Su-ryun, my thoughts about work ceased after work hours. I also slept well, so my head was clearer and I got better ideas for work.” Even when his boss reprimanded him, it didn’t bother him. He felt no stress and his relationship with his work colleagues got better. He attends Ma-eum Su-ryun 2 to 3 times a week.

The uniqueness of recently popular Ma-eum Su-ryun is that it transitioned the usual asceticism associated with meditation (such as monks) to non-ascetic people to apply to their everyday life.

This positive trend seemed to be due to awareness that with narrowed mind, it would be difficult to live in the materialistic, highly competitive modern society.

Ma-eum Su-ryun Experiences

The Ma-eum Su-ryun education center, which is located near Gye-rong mountain of Choongnam (Nonsan city, Sangwohl-myun), looks like a small hotel or a training institute. When visited last January, the ordinary-looking three-story building housed over 400 people quietly attending to cleanse their minds. On the walls of the rooms were black dots of about 1 cm for the beginners. Many had said that they no longer have any mind-blockage or reluctance after meditation. But it would be erroneous to think cleansing the mind leads to apathy or causes any lack of motivation. Rather, many stated they became more productive at work.

Mr. Gisung Park, who is a 41 year-old CEO of a financial consulting firm (insmoney.com) said, “In 1999, while I was a branch manager for a foreign insurance company, I felt helpless. I attended Ma-eum Su-ryun in August of that year and after 6 months, I became a member of MDRT, which is considered the highest honor in the insurance business worldwide.”

Dr. Yunwoo Lee, who is the chief of internal medicine at Ilsanbak Hospital said, “When patients would say something which seemed inappropriate, I would make a big fuss. But these days I am able to see them from their points of view.”

Professor Youngmo Kwon, department of business administration at Won Kwang University, said, “I feel one with the students after cleansing my mind about being a professor.” This kind of effects occurred in students as well. Some of the comments were: “My pride was hurt because my friends made fun of me, but I was able to overcome it.” (3rd grader, elementary school). “I fell into a slump due to academic stress, but I was able to come out from it.” (11th grader, high school). “Negative thinking and being a picky eater disappeared.” (12th grader, high school). “My focus and patience increased.” (6th grader, elementary school).

Professor Hokyun Yun, department of psychology at Catholic University, said, “The effects of the Ma-eum Su-ryun training include increases in ability to observe and judge, as well as mental health benefits.” It is commonly heard from the Ma-eum Su-ryun participants that their stress was relieved and health improved.

Dr. Kwangho Byun, from Neuroscience Research Cente of Ewha Women’s University and also a president of Korean Academy of Stress said, “Many research studies already confirm that stress is the cause of all diseases. Even the mechanisms of stress are partially known at this time. Therefore, by cleansing minds, one can relieve stress which can naturally lead to improved health.”

Professor Dongmyung Jeong, department of electric engineering at Won Kwang University, shared his research study result on 660 participants of the Ma-eum Su-ryun, where 88% reported their health improved. Other participants also reported their cancer and illnesses also disappeared, but Ma-eum Su-ryun expressed concern that it can lead to misunderstanding and did not want this publicized.

Dr. Seil Jun, who is a director of alternative medical center, Cha Hospital and also a president of Korea academy of mental science stated, “2 years ago, World Health Organization added spiritual health to basic health concepts which included physical, mental and social health.” Health welfare report that 31.4% of the total South Korean population can experience mental disorder at least once in their lifetimes.

(Changi Kim, Joo-Gan-Cho-Sun ckkim@chosun.com)

(Nani Yu, Joo-Gan-Cho-Sun nani@chosun.com)

Sungbok Hong (Manager, the Ma-eum Su-ryun education center)

“There is no place for suffering when the mind is cleansed and there is no more self.”

The Ma-eum Su-ryun education center which is a part of Consciousness Reformation Association, is gaining popularity among an elite group of people. That is because of its excellent results being talked about by people who attended the program. We asked Mr. Hong, who was a professor at Dongbang Buddhist University, and now a manager of the Ma-eum Su-ryun education center:

– What do you think is the mind?

“In one word, it’s ‘a memorized thought-mass.’ Memorized life lived is the mind. Within those memories, there are emotions, prejudices, and fixed minds which constitute one’s mind.”

– How is the condition of today’s man?

“In darkness; that’s because today’s man is living within stress and suffering and does not know who he is or what is happiness.”

– What type of people, especially, would need to cleanse their minds?

“People with a lot of stress, people who want to find true self, people who want to increase focus and confidence, people who want to find meaning of life, people who have conflicts due to family or job, and people who find it difficult to quit or reduce alcohol intake or smoking.”

– What difficulties would people encounter if they do not cleanse their minds?

“It’s like ‘groping in the darkness,’ trying to live well but unable to do so. Due to stress, greed, and attachments, there is a lack of wisdom and one does not know which is the true direction to be headed.”

– Would all suffering be resolved by Ma-eum Su-ryun?

“All suffering start with self. There is no place for suffering when mind is cleansed and there is no more self. Resolution of suffering is possible because ‘self’ does not exist through cleaning minds.”

– When and who made the method of Ma-eum Su-ryun

“January,1996, Teacher Woo Myung made the method. He was an ordinary business man who was curious about human mind for a long time. Through continued intensive meditation, he enlightened in 1996 while in Gaya Mountain. Since then, he started Ma-eum Su-ryun so others would learn of its method.”

– What would be a difference between this method and others?

“It’s a shortened path to true self. That is because it clearly defines the mind; and the method to cleanse the mind is also distinctively clear. Other methods are not likely to have a clear definition of the mind. If they do not know what the mind is, then it’s difficult to cleanse it.”

– What would be the ultimate pursuit of this method?

“Cleansing mind and body means throwing away ideologies and habits. By cleansing, selfishness is thrown away and one starts to think in terms of ‘us’ versus ‘me.’ By breaking the small layers of individual ideologies and habits, one would start living ‘with others’ and further, ‘living for all of us’ harmoniously in the world.

– What kind of enlightenment have you received personally?

“I started in December of 1998. In my case, cleansing my mind wasn’t too difficult, but throwing away my attachment to knowledge was the most difficult. Even though attachment is really not a true real interest, parents have enormous attachment to their children, including me. Once that attachment was gone, I was able to experience the emptiness of the mind and becoming universe consciousness.”

– What are your future plans for managing the Ma-eum Su-ryun?

“Many people who have attended the education centers at Gye-rong Mountain or Gaya Mountain want to build local centers in their residences. Since this meditation is to be done while living one’s everyday life, it would be good to build one locally. The future plans are to expand centers in local areas as well as international countries worldwide, so many people can meditate while living their everyday life.”

Source: www.meditationlife.org

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