We Have Become One in Mind Through Meditation

Sungjun Moon and Younghee Jeon

Younghee said she always sacrificed for her husband in anticipation of a happy future. Sungjun said he always tried to do the same because he wanted to do whatever would please his wife. However, communication between them only became more difficult, and marriage life only became more painful. Even though they would say, “I love you,” they were unable to be together even for a moment. Then, they learned that they were living in their own worlds. Now, thanks to meditation, they could say with confidence that they have removed the separation of their two worlds and have become one.

“It has become a relationship where they can relate to each other even in small ways”

The story of Younghee Jeon

I have never been angry with others in my life. I have always laughed, listened to what the other person wanted, and lived without rejecting it. I gave up my honeymoon for my husband. After we were married, it felt like we were living apart for 6 years due to his studies to get his teaching license. I struggled to raise our two children alone. I also struggled with life in general, hoping that in some way the situation would change. I sacrificed from the beginning of our marriage so that in the end, we could live a happy life.

I was not happy at all. Every day felt more meaningless than the previous. I waited for this moment my whole life and tried to make it work, but what was my problem? In distress, I took up the study of meditation that my colleague recommended.

I was pretending to be okay. On the outside, I would said, “Yes.” But this was a practice that built up dissatisfaction in my mind which stayed there for a long time. As much as I had sacrificed, I still had the desire for more. It no longer mattered how good my husband was, if he didn’t meet my expectations, I was resentful.

How difficult it must have been for my husband to have a wife who always disliked him in some way. The thought that “I had sacrificed a lot,” was annoying to him. Through meditation, without saying it, I managed to pull out the resentment, expectations, and feelings that I wanted him to do everything on his own. I also let go of parenting stress and perfectionism.

Now, I can talk to my husband about my thoughts and we can sympathize with each other. I am so happy and grateful that my husband and I were able to meditate together and he was able to free himself from the burden of being a father.

I am so grateful that I no longer blame my husband.

“ We now live in the same world, wherever we are”

The story of Sungjun Moon

I met my wife in college; I liked her kindness and appearance. After two years of dating I proposed and we got married. As the head of a family I wanted to have a stable job like my wife, who was a teacher. At the time, I was a fitness trainer, and my work was very unstable.

Our commute time was the same and we spent vacations together, and it seemed that our love for each other increased as well. Suddenly, my life fell apart. In spite of my best efforts to pass the teaching license exam, I failed both exams in a 2 year period. I lost a lot of money and my pride.

I finally passed the 3rd exam and was appointed as a middle school physical education teacher. Because I had put so much effort to become a teacher, I knew that everything would go smoothly. However, I was always tired and communication with my wife became increasingly difficult. I realized one day that even though we are a couple sleeping under one roof, we did not live in the same world. The fact that we were living together yet talking about different stories every day was unbearable. I wanted to do something together with my wife, so I started the Ma-Eum Su-Ryun meditation method that she was already doing.

In fact, since meeting me, my wife has not had her own life. In a hurry to get married, she canceled her studies abroad, and she was always suffering from child-rearing and struggling with money. Even though she was carrying a large burden alone, all she wanted was for us to care for each other, but I didn’t know that. I insisted on a certain role for my wife, “My job is to make money as a husband and your job is to raise children well.” I realized that I was a really selfish guy. I abandoned all of that while meditating. I also got rid of the burden of doing well in the future. Then, my mind became very light.

After meditation, I was better able to take care of my wife and truly sympathize with her. Wherever we are now, we always live in the same world.

Even though we lived together we didn’t really know each other. I am thrilled to think that thanks to the meditation, each of us has eliminated our own self-indulgence and we have become one. Thanks for always being by my side. I love you.

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