What everyday habits drain our energy?

  1. Overthinking

  2. Negativity

  3. Overly critical

  4. Worrying

  5. Complaining

  6. Comparing

Those are my top 6. I did not realize how much energy it actually drained out of me, until I started meditation that cleared away all the above one by one. As the overthinking and worries reduced, my energy levels went up. I didn’t feel so tired at the end of each day. I had a lot more space for family, friends and the things that mattered.

The impact was even more apparent when I was hospitalized due to severe dengue. Complete with IV drips and a very weak body that was fighting off the virus, my platelet count was steadily reaching critically low levels. The doctor mentioned that I should be mentally prepared to be in intensive care if my platelets continued to drop at the rate that it was dropping.

If I hadn’t meditated for some time, I would have drowned in a series of overthinking, worry and fear which would have delayed or made recovery difficult. However, because I’ve meditated for some time, there were lesser thoughts in my head. And that put me at more ease – which then allowed the body to channel whatever energy that was left to fight off the infection.

I’m just grateful that I had a head start to the meditation that helped to reduce all these habits. It has improved my life significantly and has literally saved me. I hope you too can find your outlet to release energy-draining habits and be well on your way to a better, more energetic you.

Thank you! 💛

Written by: Rohene Srikaran

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