Meditation Reduces Stress & Anxiety

473 meditators were surveyed after 3 months in our program.
The results were overwhelmingly positive.

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Meditation keeps you looking young

Science has proven meditation as one of the 4 key factors in reducing signs of aging

What our members say

Jackie V.

I highly recommend this meditation. I was depressed and always felt trapped in a box. I had tried everything. But this meditation is amazing! The method helps you truly "let go" of the thoughts and memories that separate us from happiness. Today I have deeper peace, more joy and gratitude for everything in my life. The helpers are wonderful people who are always there to guide you along the path to true freedom. Try it!!

Brandon G.

I love Plainview Meditation! The staff is very helpful and friendly, and I always leave feeling calm and relaxed and at peace. They're very conveniently located and their hours are so flexible, you have no reason not to go!  

Emese F.

Plainview meditation center is truly an amazing place. I have been attending the center since March and it has been life changing. They really make you feel like family, they are so caring and loving. I’m an overall happier person who loves life and wish for everyone to feel the same so please come join this wonderful place. Let’s spread the joy and light together 🙏 ✌🏻

Bill V.

Before I started meditation, I had a drinking problem and was a very angry person. But since I started meditating, I've been able to completely stop drinking for 4 years with little effort. The anger is gone and I now can drink socially. It has also helped me health wise and in my career significantly. It's really changed my life.

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The Story of Neal Clark

I first heard of the Plainview Meditation Center from a flyer I picked up at the dry cleaners. I had done Yoga and meditation many years ago but never kept it up, so I went for the lecture to see what this was about. Most of my life I had been searching for a more complete view of reality. Toward this end, I read the scriptures from most religions mostly the Bible, and the writings of Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufis and Native Americans.


When I went for the lecture they explained their method. It wasn’t about adding anything like beliefs or ideas, it was about detaching. Immediately it rang bells in my mind because what I discovered from all my years of let’s call it spiritual research, was that all the religions pointed to the same thing, the giving up of the false or illusionary self to make space for the True eternal Self.


I signed up right away and began the meditation but it seemed too simple.  I had a hard time believing it could really do anything. Now after following the method I can say it really works and there is really no other way to accomplish what it does. To rid ourselves of the false self and the endless troubles and pain that come with it is an extremely difficult task. Only because of the caring dedication of the helpers that guide the meditation and the guidance from its founder can this goal of all the spiritual practices be achieved. It can’t be done without that help and support, even if someone could write the greatest book describing how to do it.


I can’t urge anyone enough to try this method. It will help you to bring about a small and subtle change in your perspective. As subtle as that change is it is the difference between heaven and hell, life and death.

This can be you, too!